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Well, I always know when it's daylight savings time. Mainly because I feel like crap. Last night, I had forgotten that we'd lose an hour, so when I came back from the barn, I saw that it was actually three something instead of two something. I still had a freakin' article to write because of my overall lack of enthusiasm for work due to the stupid cold that's been hanging on. So today, I feel like someone took a sledgehammer to me.

On a brighter note, I did get it done. I still have two articles out there with questions to the clients. It's annoying to have those hanging out there, but I really have no choice. One of them I think the client had no idea how much work is entailed for a 14 point blog. After getting to 660 words, I realized after covering only seven points that need to be twice the size of the client have requested. So they're in for a rude shock.

Going through Final Edits for Through the Veil

I'm finally getting to Adrienne's final edits for her book, Through the Veil. It actually reads fairly well and I'm going through it for a final check before I start formatting it. I know Adrienne will be very happy to hear that the book is coming along. I know she's been talking about covers, but will wait and see on what she comes up with.

Working on The Jotunn Gate

I have to still work on the third book of The Swords of Destiny series. The book is in pieces and I'm still flailing around with it. At some point, I'm going to get something that looks like a book together. Thanks to Sarah Mueller, I actually have a direction I need to go. Just not sure how to get there, and so I end up flailing around.

It's a Goat Rope

Skittles has been doing very well and has been figuring out the general routine of coming up here at night in getting crated. He's a noisy little goat, which makes it annoying when we first bring him in. Giving him his milk tends to settle him down a bit, but I have to be really careful to not disturb him or he screams like a banshee. Still, he's good at riding on the ATV up from the barn.

This afternoon I took pictures of our newest buckling, whom I've named Skittles. He's actually quite a cute little guy. I went ahead and vaccinated him and our youngest doeling, Wingnut. Neither of them were very happy to get vaccinated. It's really kind of funny, but Wingnut is younger than he is, but because she is part Boer, she is getting bigger every day.

This is Skittles^^^^^^

This is Wingnut ^^^^^

Yeah, it's dreadfully muddy since the snow melted. Right now, Skittles is having little bit of problems
fitting in with the herd, but he is young and isn't weaned yet. So I'm really not surprised by it. Give him some time and the girls will change their mind, especially during rut.

Work Completed

Today I worked on a bunch of articles I needed to get done. I ended up writing four blog posts and a review. It still wasn't enough, but that's just what I got done. I figure I got about 1500 words written. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

On Tap for Today

Content Mills

Today I have a bunch of things I have to get done. First on my list is getting a quickie blog post done for Fiverr. I've had some luck with this new site. Even though getting paid only five bucks at a time sounds like it doesn't make any sense, I found that by offering a basic service for five dollars and then upgrading with more money is actually useful. (For those who really want to check out one of my gigs, you can see them HERE at Fiverr. Hell, you can even hire me, if you're so inclined.)

I have four articles to get done with one content mill. I also have another article that needs to get done with another mill. That plus some work from the ubiquitous Demand Studios should make my quota for the day.

Sky Warrior Books

On the Sky Warrior Book front, I should be finishing my story for No Horns on These Helmets and get the book into the right format. I have to start working on Zombiefied 3 and getting that into publication. I also have Adrienne Dellwo's book to finish editing and to do her cover art. I need to find another editor for Verna McKinnon's book, preferably a light editor. After looking at all the work I have to do, it really makes sense for me to have another editor take a look at it. I also have to check out which John Dalmas book we want to publish next. I have an editor for that, but like anything, I have only so many hours in the day.

Farm Critters

We named little buckling Skittles because he's a bit skittery. Last night, I discovered he really wasn't completely weaned, although his former owner didn't claim he was either. I gave him a bottle of milk this morning after he was screaming for food. He chugged it down. He had eaten the hay I'd given him the night before.

I'll try to get some pictures of him today and post them here and on my Facebook account. I've also got to give one of my turkeys another antibiotic injection. He's got some sort of respiratory thing and I failed to give him his shot yesterday.

And so my life goes for today. If I haven't mentioned any of the other many things I need to do for the publishing company, it's on the list, I just haven't gotten around to it. If somebody can clone me, I think I could make everybody happy.

Tough Day

Today I made a tough decision along with my DH. Sam the cat who adopted us some eight years ago, I think, but who really didn't become my cat (because he belonged to the neighbor) until about seven years ago or so, had been losing weight and he had lost about a third of his total weight. It really didn't matter how much we fed him, and in the past couple of days he wouldn't really eat, even when I offered him tunafish. So we brought him to the vet, and had to deal with whether or not he should be put down. I know that the former owners of the house had gotten him before they built our house, so that put Sam in his 20s.

If he were a younger cat, I might have considered putting them through tests and other treatments, but the reality was we could probably gain may be a year's worth of time. While that is somewhat beneficial, I was concerned about his quality of life. He sort of helped me make the decision when I was petting him and he started growling at me. Then, he took my hand in his mouth as a threat to bite. His hips hurt. His shoulders hurt. The vet said he had one atrophied kidney. We suspected he was hyperthyroid. And he was refusing to eat. I finally made the heart-wrenching decision with my DH to put Sam down. It was something I expected, but then you never really do expect to have to make a decision that isn't exactly clear cut.

A New Addition

The way to the vet, we had to stop briefly to pick up a baby buckling goat. Basically, this woman out in Plains was selling mini LaManchas and the price for this buckling was right. She was also in the area and so she brought the little guy for us to pick up. He's a little young to be away from mom and putting him in with the herd was a little traumatic for him, but in time, I have the feeling he'll do just fine. My current buck, Oreo, has bred my does for three years. I have his daughters who have no suitable boyfriends. So I need new genetics. This little guy is actually three quarters full size LaMancha and one quarter Nigerian dwarf. He may be a little bit on the small side when he grows up, but given the fact he'll be breeding full-size goats, I suspect he won't throw too many small goats. The little guy is about six weeks old and not quite weaned, but close enough. I gave him a bottle, and he drank about half. I gave him some hay and brought him inside for the evening. The herd is just a little too overwhelming right now. When he gets used to them, he can stay out with them at night.

Freelance Work

When I got home, I pretty much crashed out because we got up so early. I was able to score some assignments that I need to get done, even though they are somewhat low-paying. Depending on the assignments from content mills, you can make anywhere from maybe around five dollars an assignment all the way up to more than $100 an assignment. Most of it has to do with word count. Some places won't pay you much. Others pay all right but there is usually a fair amount of research that goes into it.

I look at work in terms of how much time it takes me to get the job done. If I'm wasting a lot of time for a small job, it's not worth it to me. Likewise, if the big job doesn't pay anything, I don't go after it. So tomorrow, I'll be taking a look at what I have on my plate and see if I can split it up into something that will work for me and give an idea as to what kind of work I've been doing.

Tough Decisions

I've come to the conclusion that I need to keep track of my work yet again. For years, I had been keeping a log here and, like many good things, I've let it slip for easier stuff like social media. The reality is that I need to put myself back on the schedule. This requires me to hold myself accountable in some way. As much as I want to think that I'm truly disciplined, the reality is this that I need to give myself more incentive. So I'm going to be writing and talking about the current books I'm working on, my own work and my authors' work, as well as the day-to-day writing stuff that I'm doing to make a living.

The reality is that as a freelancer nowadays can be a slog, and with other responsibilities taking time away from my writing, it's a juggling act. So, tonight is the beginning of my restart of my blog. I'll try to keep it helpful, but the reality is I will probably use it simply to mark my progress. So if I write about anything boring, you've been forewarned.

One thing that is changed is my reliance on Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Since my accident, while I still have arm strength, I still have problems with my hands and my arms. Dragon has helped me get faster while writing. But it also means that you're likely to get some wonky syntax occasionally. So, if you're interested in this silly endeavor of mine, you're welcome to read along.

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