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Fruitcake, anyone?

Ok, let me point out that I hate fruitcake.  So, when I made this fruitcake, even with the promise of it being something a fruitcake hater would like, I was skeptical.

Very skeptical.

First, I thought fruitcakes were bitter, hockey-puck type confections.  What came out of my oven isn't.  It's sweet without being gooey.  The fruits taste astounding after having been soaked overnight in rum.  What came out of my oven was very cake-like -- almost like a spice cake with fruit.  Moist too.

I made two bread loaf versions and six mini-loaves.  I poured rum onto all of them.  And then, after they cooled, my husband and I sampled them.

Four of the six small cakes are gone.  We both ate them.  To put it mildly, they're awesome.  But I didn't use the traditional candied fruits except red cherries and lemon peel.  I won't use the lemon peel again, but the rest were excellent.  I used 6+ cups of various fruit and 1 cup of red cherries instead of what was listed in the previous recipe.  I didn't use the black chocolate or burnt sugar because I really didn't care about the color.  So, it's a warm spice brown.  I guessed on the butter, but only because I get it in 1 lb slabs and not actual sticks.

I was pretty impressed, but most of the recipes I get from King Arthur Flour are pretty good.  I would highly recommend that if you're going to try to make fruitcake and you loathe it as much as I do, to try this recipe.  You might end up liking this type of fruitcake.


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Dec. 10th, 2007 04:11 am (UTC)
Most American fruitcakes are made with (ick!) candied fruit. The best fruitcakes are made with dried fruits - cherries, cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, raisins, currants, figs, dates, pineapple....I can't eat a candied fruit fruitcake. It makes me gag.

And yes, King Arthur Flour's recipes are good. I have all their cookbooks.
Dec. 10th, 2007 05:57 am (UTC)
We almost had a doggie disaster, though. I was stirring the fruitcake batter and a couple of pieces of fruit soaked with Captain Morgan flew out. That's all I need. Drunk Malamutes.

I thought it was exceptional with dried fruit. I can actually eat this.
Dec. 10th, 2007 04:18 am (UTC)
First of all, that doggie *points* is the best thing eva.
Secondly, look at me, all tempted by a fruitcake of all things.

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