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How I figured out my Christmas Shopping

Do you remember the time before the internet?  I seem to.  I seem to recall hours at the mall or driving lots of places.  Oh, I still buy stuff at stores, don't get me wrong, but the other day, I was thinking about getting a particular gift certificate for my nieces and remembered that I saw it at various stores around town.  So, I was truly thinking about getting into my car and driving a half hour, braving the city and then looking for said gift certificates.

And then, it hit me.  Why don't I buy it online?

Not only did they have the certificates, but I could print them and send them off via snail mail which was 5 minutes away, as opposed to 30 minutes.   It's the thought that counts, I'm sure.

So, my nieces will get something that they want.  I get to avoid shopping.  Win-win.

My major quest is what to buy my MIL.  We're thinking about some sort of experience package, like a cross-country ski trip or something like that.  Do you have any ideas how to find something that specializes in that?

Here's the latest poll for you guys:

Poll #1104161 Holiday shopping

When you shop for the holidays, you

Buy everything online!
Buy most things online with a few small presents from shopping.
Buy half online/ half at stores.
Buy most gifts in stores, but occasionally online.
Buy everything in stores or the mall.
I don't buy gifts, bah humbug!

What do you typically buy as gifts?

Traditional presents they unwrap.
Gift certificates.
Some sort of experience, like travel or day of beauty.
Nothing -- I don't give presents.


Dec. 11th, 2007 03:42 pm (UTC)
If I know something specific I'm going to get for someone, and know a good place to get it cheaply online, then I'll do that. But I tend to give gifts more from a sense of "this item feels like a good gift for [insert gift receiver]." It's hard to get the "feel" of things online, plus it's harder to immerse yourself in a... let's say "target-rich environment" to hijack a military phrase (hmm, militant gift-giving?), and to see what jumps out at you. The biggest gift I'm giving my eldest daughter this year is something I didn't even know existed, and would never have thought to look for except that I happened to see it among the shelves.
Dec. 11th, 2007 06:09 pm (UTC)
My problem is largely that I so despise shopping (mom managed to squash every shopping inclination I had by taking me to the malls when I was young and shopping for herself in rows of absolutely stinky department stores filled with perfume and awful smelling stuff), that going to a mall is really hard for me. (And yes, oddly enough there is a mall about 45 minutes from me-- albeit, a small mall). So, I wouldn't really see anything other than crowds and people.

Downtown is a bit easier on me, mainly because the stores are small and specialized. During the summer, we've had various crafts at the farmer's market, but I didn't find much that I considered buying just yet. So, it's internet shopping for me.

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