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Amazon, Colorado and 2 AM Emails

Last night, Amazon sent me a 2 AM email stating my affiliate account was closed because I lived in Colorado. 

Now, if you want to screw me into the roof at 2 AM, you send me a bit of bad news to dwell on. Like some BS notice that as of immediately, the affiliate account that has made me the multimiliionaire that I am today that has slowly trickled in money and I can't remember when the last payout was  but that is tied to all my websites is now closed, well, you see the inconvenience. Inconvenience, my ass, it'll be a day or two of work to revamp everything. 

You see, Colorado in its infinite wisdom has decided to tax internet sales. Amazon, and I suspect most other internet companies, have decided that affiliate programs are just too difficult to keep up with when it comes to taxes and have canceled the program so they don't have to deal with such boneheaded legislation. I don't understand why states seem to think they'll make money taxing the internet. Most places won't do business in the state if they have to jump through hoops. But you see, I don't live in Colorado anymore; I live in Montana and have for 3 years.

It would've been kind of nice to have a heads-up on this new policy, especially because there are those of us who have so many friggin accounts across the internet that we can't remember what we changed where.  Especially since I moved.  Amazon had figured out my accoount address when I subscribed, couldn't they talk between their own computers and figure out things changed?  Of course not.  That would require computer departments actually communicating with each other.  Perish the thought.

So I sent a very snarky letter to Amazon in a very panicky voice telling them of my woes. They told me to change the address and after numerous attempts, I finally got it to stick.  The affiliates are still shut down and I'm wondering how long it will take them to fix it. Get this: I may have to provide proof of residency of Montana. 


The only place far more anal in that regard is Montana's Fish, Wildlife and Parks when it comes to issuing hunting licenses.  I can kind of see that as they don't want rich ne'er-do-wells buying homes and not living in them and hunting in Montana. But if you ask me, the whole Amazon thing sort of left a bad taste in my mouth. What they should have done was email those with associate addresses in Colorado notifying them of the change and then requesting an alternate address.  If none could be given, then they could close it down within about a 30 day window.  But, of course, no one asks me for my opinion.  They just shut my freakin' affiliates down.  So, if you can't buy my books on Amazon, go over to Barnes and Noble or Books a Million or one of those other ones until I get my affiliates back up and running.


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