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Sid and Mishka

I've got to get pictures of all this.  Really.

Mishka met Sid yesterday and, not surprisingly, she took one look at Sid and stared up at him in complete awe.  Here was an animal who towered over her and wasn't afraid of her.  She began yipping and offering to play with him -- something I didn't expect.  While we were walking, she decided to try a couple of nips at the hock and he kicked back.  Didn't hurt her, but after a few stern words and some kicks, she decided that wasn't fun anymore. 

Like Haegl, she's incredibly jealous of him eating grass.  We've decided to bring dog biscuits next time so the dogs won't feel left out on the treats.  What really cemented him into her pack mind was we went to the neighbor's to drop off eggs.  He had two loose dogs that tried to get at Mishka.  I brought Sid around and herded those dogs away from her.  She saw that Sid and I worked the dogs and thus Sid was on her side.  Suddenly Sid became HER llama.  She walked next to him, head held high and stared at him in awe, her tail wagging and joyous.  We walked her to the barn, put Sid up and showed her Sid's pen.  She was happy.  After turning her loose for a bit on our property, she ran up to the garage and back to us, sniffing where Sid had walked. 

We brought her inside and gave her treats.  I didn't think she'd take to Sid better than Haegl, but there you go.  We've got some more walks planned to get the two packing Malamutes used to Sid, but I'm very encouraged by this.  Sid is going to train them so when we get other llamas or horses, they'll be calm and accept them.  It's really cool to see the light bulbs go on in their little brains.
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