shadowhelm (shadowhelm) wrote,

Pictures of Skittles, Wingnut, and Work Done Today

This afternoon I took pictures of our newest buckling, whom I've named Skittles. He's actually quite a cute little guy. I went ahead and vaccinated him and our youngest doeling, Wingnut. Neither of them were very happy to get vaccinated. It's really kind of funny, but Wingnut is younger than he is, but because she is part Boer, she is getting bigger every day.

This is Skittles^^^^^^

This is Wingnut ^^^^^

Yeah, it's dreadfully muddy since the snow melted. Right now, Skittles is having little bit of problems
fitting in with the herd, but he is young and isn't weaned yet. So I'm really not surprised by it. Give him some time and the girls will change their mind, especially during rut.

Work Completed

Today I worked on a bunch of articles I needed to get done. I ended up writing four blog posts and a review. It still wasn't enough, but that's just what I got done. I figure I got about 1500 words written. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
Tags: content mill, goats, skittles, wingnut, word count, writing life

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