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The Web of Wyrd, revisited

Once again I've come back to looking at the Web of Wyrd. I used to think that The Jotunn Gate was the next book in the series, but I've discovered that I started muddying the plots up. Talking with Frog Jones at Sasquan made me realize that I really needed to revisit the Web of Wyrd. Basically Frog reminded me that if reality is screwed up, everything else takes a back burner.

The Web of Wyrd sits at about 68,000 words. Actually, it's more, but for the sake of argument, that's where it sits. It needs a minimum of 30,000 more words for it to be a real book. I've had to look at it as a quest story because it needs good structure. I have a feeling that I still have to work on the elixir of the book to have a proper novel.

So, I've been going through it, and trying to find the inconsistencies from the other books. It's kind of funny to run into old thought patterns and where I was going with it when I wrote this book oh so many years ago. The irritating part is that this book was still part of my pantzer phase where I was literally trying to write by the seat of my pants. I think I ran out of steam with this book because I didn't know what else to put into it. That's why The Jotunn Gate sprung out of this. As a writer, a more likely to throw in everything, including the kitchen sink. But, it is really more harmful than helpful in the long run.

I think understanding the basic plot structure helps immensely when it comes to writing. I plot, not because I enjoy it, but because I feel that it is necessary at least for me. So, I'm giving The Web of Wyrd another shot. Right now, it's in a form that would make your head spin. I think I just have to knuckle down and start writing the rest of the book. Once I have it together, it will probably fall into place. Maybe.

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