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Mishka, Skadi, and Web of Wyrd


The past couple of weeks have been kind of crazy. We had to put down Mishka, our second white Malamute, due to the liver cancer that was ravaging her. We got the diagnosis almost 5 months ago, when she had lost some weight, but not nearly as much as she had lost by the time we put her down. I did everything I could to keep her going. It finally got too much where she was barely eating. Even raw meat wasn't enticing anymore. So I had to make a decision — one which sucked, actually.


That opened the door for us to find another female Malamute. We took a road trip to a shelter in Idaho which had an Alaskan Malamute. Actually, the Malamute was a giant Malamute from lines that can be mostly described as "puppy mill" lines. Even so, she was a beautiful seal and white long-haired Malamute. She was sold to an Idaho couple who were looking for a dog to travel with them in an RV. Now, I won't go into how inappropriate an Alaskan Malamute would be for that, especially in Alaskan Malamute as big as she is, but the fact that she ended up pretty much in the couple's backyard wasn't doing her any good. She had just turned a year the week before when the owners decided to drop her off in the shelter.

Skadi's original name was Misty, but she did not answer to it. We decided on Skadi who is the Norse goddess of hunting and winter. Skadi was originally a Frost giant who came to Asgard to demand the blood price for her father because the Aesir had killed him when they retrieved Idunn and her apples. She eventually married one of the Vanir and became the Norse goddess. Skadi is a fitting name for our new girl. Right now, she is wild and at 28 inches at the shoulder, she's a big girl. What's more, she is still growing — she has growth plates in her forelegs still. We're working with her and Lachlan to make sure that they will eventually get along.

Web of Wyrd

As for the Web of Wyrd, I have been working on it and it is a slow, tedious process. Part of it's because it's in bits and pieces. The other part is that I've written other books after I wrote parts of this book and not all of it works correctly. The good news is that I found portions of the book in other files. The reason why this is good is that it increases the overall size of the book I currently have written. I've also found portions that should probably expand upon in this book.

I also got a good idea to have Elsonre take a bigger role in this book. It will also set the stage of more conflict between him and Lachlan in later books. Oops, did I just drop a teaser there? For those who are keeping count, here's the meter for you:

Now, just back to writing.

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