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Hunting Day 1 and Skadi

First day of hunting season went okay. We went through a new area looking for deer and elk, but saw none. I did manage to see a beaver outside of its pond and we saw what looked like an owl in a tree. Other than that, not much.

Skadi, my new malamute, is way over stimulated. She's convinced that if I sit in a chair or lie down on the couch, it's an invitation for her to go wild. Discouragement doesn't seem to work for her. So, I decided to do a bit more training and substitute a preferred behavior for her bad behavior. Since it appears that she goes wild whenever I am at her level (sitting down is at her level), the best idea was to substitute lying down when she comes up to me.

The first step was to start her with the clicker. She figured out the clicker really quick, and so I started running her through the commands I had already taught her. She knows sit and down. I started teaching her to lie down on her side. Then I sat down on the steps at her level and every time she started getting wild, I gave her the command to sit and then lie down. Only when she laid down did she receive a click and treat. We worked on that for several minutes. Then, I started working with her on heel. You wouldn't expect a crazy malamute to heel off leash, but by the end of it, she had gotten the basics of heel, sitting when I stopped, and finishing her sit.

What this tells me is that she's incredibly smart. I have an incredibly smart nearly 100 pound puppy. It's making me face palm as we speak. I'm going to have to work closely with her and Lachlan to make sure that they both learn commands and can perform tasks. Skadi's intelligence tells me that her behavior is largely due to boredom and overstimulation. She needs to do a job — whatever it may be. Normally, I would expect backpacking and maybe sledding to keep her occupied, but I've a feeling that she may need a lot of mental stimulation.


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Oct. 25th, 2015 03:05 pm (UTC)
I nailed a deer Friday morning, but it was a baby and with my Subaru (which I hadn't had for two weeks yet). Hopefully I'll be getting an estimate Monday afternoon.

Edited at 2015-10-25 03:07 pm (UTC)
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