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Getting Back into Self Care

It has been nearly three years to the day since my horrific horse accident.  I have spent most of the time in pain due to something wrong with my shoulder which nobody at the time seemed to want to check into.  I finally got to see a shoulder specialist and got an MRI.  There is good news here: my shoulder endured a rotator tear but it wasn't all the way through, according to the specialist.  My regular doctor thought it was frozen shoulder, but it's not because the freeze isn't in all the ranges of motion.

I got to see the MRI pictures.  The tendon of my bicep looks weird as it connects to the bone. There was what looked like a lot of scarring in surrounding tissue too.  So, there was damage there. The specialist said that surgery is the last option for this.  What was needed was an injection to calm things down in there and physical therapy which I could do at home to fix the problem.  The injection was unpleasant, but I've been through worse.  Still, I don't recommend cordisone injections as a matter of habit.  One thing he did do was see how screwed up my range of motion was.  He and I felt a definitive click from the bicep tendon (and I yelped a little).  "Let's see if we can do that again," he said.  Oh great.  Just great.  It did, three times before I think I tightened up enough to where it wouldn't do that.  Recommendation: don't ride a crazy, bolting horse and wake up in the hospital not remembering what happened exactly.

 Tonight I did my first set of exercises with light weight.  It reminds me of my weightlifting days and I recognized several exercises.  Which is cool because I need to stick with this.  I had been sick from some sort of bug that was going around, but I'm better and need to get back to the stationary bike.  Another good thing.
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